About the Company

Over the past 35 years Vigilance has seen the landscape of private security in India change a great deal. But our commitment to providing well trained and affordable security to small and big businesses in our hometown of Bangalore has never changed. Our priority and vision has always been to provide- ‘Security and Manpower you can afford to depend on.”

Late. Col. F X Celestine


Col. F X Celestine was a retired Indian Army colonel who founded the company in 1985. He started the company with the vision of bringing discipline and protection from the army to the general public. The foundation that he laid and direction he drove the agency was what kept our company relevant for so many years. While new Companies come and go, The ones that remain hold their binding values sacred.

Mr. John Joseph

Managing Director

Mr. John Joseph took over the reigns from Col. F X Celestine after his passing. Being an retired Indian Navy engineer himself, He brought the same ethics of discipline & consistency and converting the agency into the Private Limited Company it is today. By expanding the scope of the company to Housekeeping and Facility Management, He has driven the company to strive for the same consistency and perfection that it has always been known for.

Email : md@vigilancesecurity.in

Mr. A Gerard

Executive Director

Mr. A. Gerard runs the day to day activities of the Company and has a managing experience of over 20 years. He is very approachable and known to establish a great working relationship with our clients and understanding what they expect from our service. He currently serves as executive director and oversees the Field Officers and Client Relations.

Email : clientsupport@vigilancesecurity.in

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