Dynamic Pricing

Often times we overpay when companies use security jargon or underpay crucial security roles because the service is cheaper. Are these the only options? Vigilance 24×7 wants to bridge that gap with a new initiative- Dynamic Pricing.


1. The Issue

Expectation vs Reality

The cost of security is based on the quality/skill of the guard. However unlike other fields that rise linearly,

Security cost rises exponentially with skills like -Languages, Qualification, Body Build, Alertness etc.

2. The Truth

Top Security Agencies vs Other Security Agencies

We are often times left with only two options-
We either pay exorbitant rates by so-called branded security companies,
Or compromise on quality that leads to severe service lapses. Is there a solution?

3. The Solution

Dynamic is the way.

Introducing Dynamic Pricing.

A unique quote structure made by analyzing your requirements foremost and providing the best possible service at a cost you can afford.

It may seem unreal, But many services offered by security companies may or may not benefit you in any way.

Our General survey & Quotation analysis excludes 90% of bloat and keeps only the services, qualifications & training that are the main priority of the customer.

So how do I get Dynamic Pricing?

That’s it. The quotation you receive will be dynamically priced. You are free to compare our Quotation. We do our very best to attain maximum efficiency. That is, Higher Quality, Lower Cost.

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