Dynamic Pricing
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1. The Issue

Expectation vs. Reality

The cost of security is based on the quality/skill of the guard. However unlike other fields that rise linearly,

Salaries rise exponentially with skills like -Languages, Qualification, Body Build, Caliber etc.

2. The Truth

Top Agencies vs. Other Agencies

We are often left with only two options-
Either pay exorbitant rates by so-called branded agencies,
Or compromise on quality, leading to severe service lapses.

3. The Solution

Introducing Dynamic Pricing.

A unique quote structure made by analyzing your requirements foremost and providing the best possible service at a cost you can afford.

Many services offered by other security companies may not benefit you in any way.

Our General survey & Quotation analysis excludes redundant costs & keeps only the services, qualifications & training that are the main priority of the client.

So how do I get Dynamic Pricing?

The quotation you receive will be dynamically priced. You are free to compare our Quotation. We do our very best to attain maximum Efficiency & Quality / Cost ratio.