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What We Do SecurityHousekeeping Facility Management

Vigilance 24x7 provides a wide range of facility services for small & big businesses alike.

Security Guards

We provide, trained & equipped Security guards for all types of environments & industries.

Sanitization & Housekeeping

We provide Housekeeping workers for Disinfecting, Upkeep and Maintenance of Offices, Schools, Showrooms etc.

Facility Management

We provide skilled workers like Attenders for Shops, Supermarkets Office Boys, Peons, Drivers etc. see why you should use our services

Why choose Vigilance 24x7?

Outstanding Features ExperiencePricing Heritage Quality

30+ Years of experience

We have come a long way in terms of Experience in Security & Staff Management. Our adaptability is one of the keys to our growth.

>200 B2B Contracts signed

From Schools to Banks & Factories to Newsrooms. We have served everywhere figuratively.

Defence Heritage

Our Founder & current Chairperson are Army and Navy veterans respectively. The discipline and consistency of the Forces is in our DNA.

Dynamic Pricing

Security and Management is not a luxury. There are no hidden charges. We make sure you pay only for the services you use.

Quality Assurance

All personnel are verified, trained & qualified. The company functions transparently with all required licenses like: PSARA 2005, Labour Licenses etc.

Hassle Free Billing

Save time & worry from government compliance, Provident fund payments etc. We take care of everything. Pay one bill and enjoy our continued service.

We partner with all establishments to provide Efficient solutions

If you are looking for an affordable, dependable & responsible manpower company to rely on, Look no further.